Neat indie and AAA gaming gadgets

**indies and AAA devs invited, here are some examples (no one confirmed, yet)**

If interested please contact @JohnPolson on Twitter

adsono pic

Competitive rhythm game Adsono from Tatiana Vilela, Léon Denise, Jonathan Penot, Guillaume Noisette, Gildas Benoit

gentlemen suitcase

Lucky Frame’s Gentlemen Suitcase

Lucky Frame’s ROLFpillar

lightning bug
The Lightning Bug Game by Kaho Abe


RGBriefcase (VINE link) played with phone and setup by David Hayward and Jon Brodsky


Michael Molinari’s SoundodgerLIVE needs 10’x4′ space


Messhof’s Nidhogg arcade controller


Indie Funded Panoramical with controller by Fernando Ramallo


reverse-engineered PowerPad, Justifiers w/Pistol Cat by Archie P of LA-based Glitch City



5-foot-pedal Rakete by Mario von Rickenbach (with optional HUGE set up)


Steam released Element4l custom controller


Oculus + MIDI hybrid Please Don’t Spacedog by KO-OP Mode

In Punch The Custard, the player who punches most quickly and accurately – as judged by the computer, which keeps count – wins. Successful players might not even get messy hands.

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